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    A look into Hotel Xcaret Wedding Packages (2021)

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    Hotel Xcaret Wedding Packages

    Most couples dream of having the perfect wedding possible so that they can spend their wedding day in sheer happiness and have the most perfect memories to share with their soulmate for the rest of their lives.

    It is established that many couples choose to go abroad to one or more countries for their honeymoon, but having your wedding abroad is a trend that has been steadily growing.

    Because Mexico is a chosen destination for many couples to have their honeymoon every year, we suggest having your wedding there as well. But it doesn’t end here.

    One of the most perfect places to host your wedding is the Hotel Xcaret Mexico since they can provide you with a gorgeous venue and wedding packages for you to choose from to make your special day perfect!

    Hotel Xcaret Mexico is located in the Riviera Maya and, despite being a hotel, its architecture and design envelop you in a sanctuary-like atmosphere, allowing you to feel and enjoy the paradisiacal landscape of the place contributing to a perfect experience. Because they are aware of this,

    Hotel Xcaret Mexico provide you with three wedding packages to choose from that cater to every different desire that each different couple might have, regardless if it is a religious ceremony or not.

    From the True Love Package which is the one that has less options to the Celebration Package that in addition offers cocktail choices and finally the Deluxe Package which is the one with the widest range of options to choose from it’s guaranteed that all couples will be able to make the wedding of their dreams come true.

    True Love Package

    The True Love Package is the one with the least wide range of options.

    However, it still has a lot to offer to soon-to-be-wed couples.

    Besides offering a wedding coordinator, which is already a big help by itself relieving the bride and groom from unneeded stress, it also offers makeup and hairstyle options for the bride as well as a bouquet.

    These are a great help to not deviate to much from the budget as those two major arrangements for the bride will already be included.

    Regarding the ceremony itself, the True Love Package offers a Minister for a symbolic ceremony, location for the ceremony (the Hotel Xcaret Mexico provide many different options for venues even catered to the religion of the couple, if the latter chooses to have a religious ceremony), a basic gazebo, an assembly with Tiffany chairs, wedding cake, which is also a great deal for this package, toast with sparkling wine and recorded music. Just by looking at this you can tell that, even the package with least offerings, offers a lot of important crucial things for a wedding ceremony and reception.

    Celebration Package

    However, if the couple wants and feels like they can afford something that offers more, there’s always the Celebration Package.

    In addition of what is already being offered in the True Love Package, the Celebration Package offers boutonniere for the groom, two bouquets for the ladies and two boutonnieres for the godparents.

    This is a very good package to keep in mind the important people that the couple will have by their side on their wedding day and tell them that they care and appreciate them being there.

    The offerings regarding the ceremony are the same from the True Love Package, but this package includes a cocktail. It offers a location for the cocktail, two hours of premium bar, chef’s choice canapes.

    This is perfect if the couple decides to prolong the party until late in the night which, given the beautiful place the hotel provides and the warm weather this location gives, is something to take advantage of.

    Deluxe Package

    Lastly, but not by any means least, Hotel Xcaret Mexico also offers the Deluxe Package.

    This is the package that offers the widest variety of things and it’s perfect for couples who want to go that extra mile for making their special perfect day come true.

    The Deluxe Package keeps the same offerings for the bride, groom, ladies and godparents as the Celebration Package, but it differs from the other two packages regarding what it offers for the ceremony.

    Instead of having a toast with sparkling wine it offers the possibility of having it with wine and, instead of recorded music it offers live music. For some couples this might be preferable as live music can give that final touch of perfection.

    However, when it comes to the cocktail it only offers one hour of premium bar instead of two. But this can be easily compensated by the fact that this is the only package that includes a reception.

    It offers a private dinner, a menu of three times, plated or speciality bar and four hours of premium bar. So, we can see that it doesn’t matter that much anymore that the cocktail only has one hour of premium bar available.

    One last note

    These packages alongside with the amazing spaces and atmosphere that Hotel Xcaret Mexico provide for weddings should be enough to help any couple make up their minds weather they should have their wedding in Mexico or not.

    Couples who are eager to plan their perfect day will be even more so after knowing the great deals that his hotel has to offer them.

    After all, it will be just one big wedding day to remember for the rest of their lives and, to make sure nothing will be left out, LoveWorks Wedding Memories can be there to assist you in that.

    One reason for this is that you know that you will want to record every single bit of your amazing day, so that you can watch it and re-watch it anytime you feel like remembering that special day.

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