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    Thinking of Having a Cancun Mexico Wedding? Read this first!

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    What you didn’t know about Cancun Mexico Weddings

    If you picture your ideal wedding on the beach, with warm white fine sand under your feet, blue sky over your head and the soothing sound of waves in the background then you might want to consider Cancun Mexico as place to host your wedding.

    If you have already decided to have a cancun mexico wedding, great! We’ve written about what to do to avoid a disastrous riviera maya wedding with great tips and tricks to have a smooth experience.

    Even if you don’t want to get married on the beach necessarily, Cancun has a whole diversified variety of places to choose from to host your wedding.

    This way you can still enjoy the warm climate and the sea near you that Cancun has to offer.

    Also, if this is yours and your partner’s dream, you may be wondering how much it will cost you marrying abroad. This will be covered below and it may surprise you in a positive way.

    Is a Cancun Wedding the right fit for me?

    A wedding is certainly deemed to be one of the best and perfect days of a couple’s joint life and, on top of that, it’s a day where the bride will want to look flawless.

    Cancun is perfect for that, because of its wide offer of hotels and resorts.

    The good thing about this is that these resorts and hotels offer many spa related services that will help both the guests, the bride and groom relax and feel confident for the big day.

    Besides, given the fact that probably everyone had to travel out of their country to attend a Cancun Mexico Wedding, staying at these resorts is a great choice because there will be plenty of things to do in the meantime before the wedding.

    These are also the ideal place for your guests who bring their children which, in almost every wedding happens, since there are many activities kid-friendly offered by these resorts.

    Marrying abroad in a place like Cancun is a thing that many couples dream about. However, many end up giving up on the idea before even trying to know more about prices and what needs to be planned because they just assume that it will be very expensive and they probably won’t be able to afford it.

    how much does cancun wedding cost

    How much does a Cancun Wedding cost?

    The truth is, thinking that getting married abroad is expensive is, many times, a misconception. Actually, if it’s planned smartly, it can be cheaper than getting married in your home country.

    On average, a wedding held at a resort or hotel in Cancun can cost you 5000$ to 7000$. You might need to read that last sentence again due to the amazing surprise that is to learn that a wedding in Cancun can actually be afforded by many couples.

    Let’s be honest.

    If you were to get married in your home country you could end up spending the triple of that amount and get less things done for the ceremony and reception without fully understand how it cost so much.

    Then, why is it reasonably affordable to organize a wedding in Cancun in comparison to your home country? Because it’s a technique from the resorts to attract new customers.

    Usually these resorts offer several wedding packages to choose from, some including more things than others, and those packages are less expensive than the traditional wedding organized in your home country.

    Most of those packages include one of the best cancun venues, regardless if it’s a religious ceremony or not and regardless of the religion if it is, menus for food and drinks at the reception and music for the party.

    Some packages, the most expensive ones, even offer accessories for the bride, groom and their close friends.

    Also, most of these packages include accommodation for the guests at the resort which is another way to show the quality of their services to new possible customers.

    south asian cancun wedding

    The veredict?

    So, we can see that if you were paying for each of those things individually, as you would if you got married in your home country, it would turn a lot more expensive and probably a lot more stressful given the fact that you would have to divide your time and attention among the different service providers.

    Besides, if you also dreamed of having your honeymoon in Mexico, you’ll end up saving even more by already having your wedding there!

    To make it even better LoveWorks Weddings will be there to make sure that all the precious moments of your perfect day will be captured for posterity.

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