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Our Packages Start at $1,997 USD. The Average Couple Investment is $2,499 USD.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. When do you deliver the final product?

    A. We strive for excellency in all our films so it takes 2 to 3 months to deliver the final product, 4 to 5 months on high season months (from April to May). Editing a cinematic film is a long process, footage must be qualified, edited and color corrected. Audio is recorded on a separate device for best quality, it has to be cleaned and synced with the footage. If you purchase the physical delivery Add-on, we'll create custom DVD/Blu-Ray menus and cases, and deliver the package to your doorstep.

    Q. Can I upgrade my package after booking you?

    Yes you can. We leave an open window until 2 weeks before the event.

    Q. How much is your retainer? When do I pay to the remaining balance?

    A. The retainer is a non-refundable $500.00 dollar payment. The remaining balance must be paid via credit card / paypal before the wedding day or in cash at the end of the wedding shoot.

    Q. How do we get our wedding videos when you are finished?

    A. We will inform you that your video is being delivered via email with the online links. If you purchased physical copies, we will ship the product UPS or FeDex to your after wedding address.

    Q. How many cameras do you use in the event?

    A. We shoot with 3 cameras operated by 2 to 3 professional cinematographers depending on your wedding package. Video is so much different than photo, that's why we use 3 cameras to capture as many angles of the action as possible. This helps in the editing process to create a way much more dynamic, cinematic and appealing video.

    Q. What kind of cameras do you use?

    A. We shoot DSLR / Mirrorless cameras. These cameras look like the ones professional photographers would use. They shoot high definition cinematic video and are a lot smaller than common video cameras.

    Q. How do you film my wedding?

    A. During the getting ready we may direct the couple to get enough angles to create a cinematic edit. The rest of the day will be shot candidly. We capture your wedding for your feature film. That being said, we're not a traditional coverage studio, we shoot short 5 to 10 second clips to create a final cinematic edit in exception of the ceremony, special dances and toasts, we shoot these in their entirety.

    Q. Do you shoot multiple weddings in a day?

    A. No. We reserve each booking day exclusively for one couple a day so we can capture as much as we can to create the best video available.

    Q. How do you coordinate with other photographers?

    A. We always contact and establish a relationship with the photographer before your wedding so we can figure out how they work and coordinate as best as we can on your wedding day.

    Q. Is it possible to capture everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception?

    A. Although we strive to capture as many guests as possible during the ceremony, toasts and special dances, it is unlikely that we'll capture every single guests at your wedding apart from the key players.

    Q. Do you do corrections?
    A. Yes we do. We offer two rounds of revisions, a first cut is sent fore revisions, then we'll work on them to deliver the final result. One thing to consider, omission of non key guests is not considered an error.
    Q. Can we buy the raw footage? How long do you keep the raw files?

    A. Yes you can, although we recommend against it. You would require editing skills to create a video out of the raw footage. Almost everything is shot in 5 to 10 second clips. The price is $400 USD and it's sent to you in a small hard drive. We keep the raw files 3 months after the wedding.

    We Would Love to Hear About Your Wedding!

    Please fill out the form below or send us a direct email to [email protected]

    Our Packages Start at $1997 USD.
    The Average Couple Investment is $2499 USD.

    You will receive our complete Cancun Wedding Packages once availability is confirmed.

    Destination Wedding Pricing Outside of the Riviera Maya Area is Custom Quoted.

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