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    How to Choose When Looking for a Wedding Videographer?

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    Choosing the right studio when looking for a wedding videographer may be a daunting task, we even covered why a destination wedding video is important. There’s plenty of aspects a couple should think of before committing to a wedding video studio.

    Here is a list of some of the things you should consider when looking for a wedding videographer.


    It’s important to look for a wedding cinematographer that hears the couple, he must honor the couple’s wishes and know what their couples want.

    There’s some things that just can’t be asked to a wedding cinematographer like changing their style or creating a video like their competition. After all, their style is what makes their brand.

    Simple things like capturing moments the couple want to relive in their video should be more than obvious.

    He must be truly interested in telling their love story. Couple’s background is often overlooked by wedding cinematographers, and it’s key to story-telling when creating a cinematic wedding film.


    Something often overlooked when selecting a wedding videographer is the number of hours that will be offered during the coverage of your wedding.

    Typically you will want your wedding videographer to be with you to document all the moments of your wedding day.

    After all, that’s what you are hiring them for. That being said, typical coverage requirements for your wedding day should be up to 10 hours on a middle to top tier package.

    Be careful here. Some wedding videographers offer cut-rate prices by offering you less than adequate wedding coverage for your day. These become hidden costs and once you realize it, it’s often too late.

    There’s no way to get a truly cinematic edit with less than 5 hours of coverage of the event, many aspects of the wedding day will be lost and the final film will lack the important moments of your day.


    Most events need at least two to three wedding videographers depending on the total of wedding guests. You want to see auntie Alice in your film right?

    This ensures that your wedding videographer is focused on working with your group.

    This allows the second and third wedding videographer to have coverage going on at the same time to capture all the action from different angles . All this to ensure a fun and dynamic cinematic video.

    It’s often overlooked by couples the number of videographers there will be at the event.

    To achieve a truly cinematic film we find that by having two to three wedding cinematographers at your event every moment of the day will be captured.


    In video, sound is 50% of the film, that’s a common sentence in our industry.

    You may have a gorgeous cinematic film but when there’s bad audio, your film will look unpleasant.

    A profesional wedding video studios will set microphones in different areas to capture the day and help you relive it as close as possible to the actual day.


    How will the cinematographers handle the common low light conditions?

    We can’t pop up a flash like a photographer would do.

    A good cinematographer will never use a on-camera video light, that tends to create a flat uninteresting image that clearly looks like it’s being lid by an on-camera light.

    Because of the nature of a wedding event and it’s fast paced activities, Cinematographers will set up lights before an event starts.

    In Conclusion

    There’s many key aspects to look out for when looking for a wedding videographer. This key points will help you focus on the important things to look out for.

    What has been your experience when looking for a wedding videographer?

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