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    5 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid Before Booking a Cancun Wedding

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    We’ve talked about how to hire the right wedding videographer in the past. This time we’re reviewing some of the mistakes couples do when booking a Cancun Wedding. There are plenty of great advantages to a destination wedding. A Cancun destination wedding can end up being less expensive; you can cut your guest list down to only your inner circle without hurting everyone else’s feelings; you celebrate this big event in an exotic location.

    Of course, planning a wedding from another city, or continent does come with it’s own set of challenges and potential stresses. We’ll share some of the most common wedding planning mistakes couples do when planning a Cancun destination Wedding.

    1. Falling Prey to Resort Vendor Fees

    A resort can be your best bet when it comes to planning a destination Wedding in Cancun. Most of them include every little detail you may need. But it can also come with it’s own set of stresses, vendor fees is one of them. If you’re planning on hiring outside vendors, don’t wait until the last minute to ask if your resort has an outside vendor fee policy, ask ahead before putting down any payment, there’s less and less resorts now a days that don’t charge a fee but listen, these fees can sometimes be waived . You’re bringing the resort so much business so ask politely to remove those fees. After all, you can take your wedding elsewere, right?

    2. Trying to Plan Your Cancun Wedding Alone.

    Hire a wedding planner or coordinator, they have all the knowledge and contacts, they’ll help you choose the right vendors and even decorations but most importantly, they will help you out with your budget. and on time.

    3. Booking Only What the Resort Offers You

    This comes a bit in hand with the previous point. Any reputable resort will give you a beautiful destination ceremony and make sure everything goes off well. But that doesn’t mean you should go with the resort and it’s list of “preferred vendors.” The hotel will have a financial incentive to recommend certain businesses over others but if you want to assure you get the best options, find an independet vendor you can trust. Read their reviews, find out everything you can about them and always, schedule a video chat to meet them. You should distrust any vendor who won’t Video Chat.

    4. Not Hiring a Professional Cancun Photographer & Videographer

    We’ve heard so many stories of couples asking their friends and god forbid, their mom to take their pictures or shoot their video to get the surprise that all pictures are blown out, out of focus and/or their video looks and sounds terrible. This will only create more stress on the wedding day. A vendor will give you the best results because that’s what they do and it’s their job to do so.

    When couples get married, they spend a stupid amount of money on expendables and things that end up in the garbage at the end of the night (I’m looking at you centerpieces). The one things that’s permanent, aside from the marriage itself, we assume, are the wedding photos and video. Yet so often, this is where people try to cut corners. The wedding day goes by so fast and the only memories left of it are the photos and video at the end of the day.

    5. Not Having a Rain Plan

    If yours is an outdoor event, like most Cancun Weddings, rain is a possible scenario, regarding what the weather app says. Too many people are tempted to hope for the best. Most resorts will have a “Plan B” for your wedding at an additional cost, please, do yourself a favor and put down the deposit for a Plan B, before it’s too late, you’ll be happy you did once the weather starts to look iffy.

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